Getting Started

How does ibuyrite work

ibuyrite is a complete turnkey niche retail store ecommerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell pre loaded brand name products. you get a personalized / customize storefront,we host the store,we buy the products,we price the products,we design the store,we handle the transaction thru our shopping cart,we send daily deals emails to your customers,we track all the orders,we do the order fulfillment,we set up the merchant account for you that accepts credit / debit card payments, all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Can I load my own products into my ibuyrite store?

Yes, however the product short description, product long description, product image, and proof of liability insurance have to be submitted for approval before using our form. Please email to request the form. The product being loaded into the system to be displayed into your store is required to be a compliment to the other products in your store.

How do I install ibuyrite?

ibuyrite is web based ecommerce software. This means there’s no installation required and it works with all operating systems (including Windows and MacOS)! We host ibuyrite so you don’t have to worry about installing, upgrading or maintaining any software or web servers.

What do I need in order to start selling?

All you need to sell products online in your ibuyrite store is to sign up and follow the 4 step process! Instant on!

Can I use my own domain name with ibuyrite?

Yes! The easiest way to do this is to register a domain using

Log in to ibuyrite, go to Online Store > Domains in your store admin to register a domain. ibuyrite also integrates with other domain name registered. Ask your domain registrar to point your domain or subdomain to ibuyrite servers.

What countries does ibuyrite serve?

Currently ibuyrite only serves the United States and US currencies

Which languages are supported?

The ecommerce storefront, checkout, email communications, administrative interface of ibuyrite is in English. However as we expand outside of the United States we will also expand the languages to fit the marketplace consistent with the country’s languages.

Orders and shipments

What methods of payment can my customers use?

ibuyrite store owners accept credit / debit card Stripe payments processing services. When you sign up for a store you also are issued a Stripe merchant account. Stripe merchant accounts accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

What is a merchant account?

Every payment made with a credit / debit card involves the transfer of funds to a merchant account, which a merchant (that is you) holds directly with a bank. The merchant has full responsibility for the transactions that occur with their account, and each bank has its own terms of service to which account‐holders must adhere. If you want to accept credit / debit card payments through your ibuyrite store, you will need a merchant account of your own or the services of a third‐party payment processor.

What is a payment gateway?

An ecommerce payment gateway is a service that authorizes credit card / debit payments and processes them securely with a user’s merchant account. Often, a merchant account and payment gateway are set up in one process through the same company.

How much does ibuyrite cost?

Get setup in minutes for $199 monthly.

How can I pay?

You will need a Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or American Express to pay for your online store.

How do I get billed?

Your ecommerce store is invoiced every 30 days, unless you have prepaid for an annual plan. We’ll send you an email notification with a link to an invoice listing any fees incurred for that billing period. Your credit / debit card will be automatically charged unless you cancel by the last day of the month.

Advertising Programs?

Additional advertising programs are available thru our AdBoost program with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google, Twitter and more for additional fees. AdBoost takes care of it! from products, placement, and pricing. Email for more info.